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a haven for writers and artists
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Are you a writer or artist with no place to expand and grow? Do you have a creative outlet and no one to share it with? When the muse strikes, come on down, and make a home here!

Striking Muse is a community for writers and artists to share their work, make some friends, have a haven, and just have a good time. Its pretty much anything goes, as long as its writing/art related. Ask questions, tell stories, request betas, make friends, showcase work... anything your heart desires.

Striking Muse is also here as a contest/challenge/thon community - this means there will regularly be contests, challenges, and fic-a-thons hosted here! Prizes are... well, pretty small for the time being, but will include actual physical prizes, promotion of your work, and more. We're looking for entries AND volunteer judges (and there's no rule that you can't be both, with some discretion) so join in!

Please be sure to see the Rules and Info page for those interested in joining the comm here. Once you join, check out the welcome page here, and get surfing around the comm.

Most importantly - welcome to Striking Muse, and have fun!

Visit the sister-comm over at IJ, the name comm name.

Also note, there's no need to be original - fanfiction and fanart are welcome as well, as long as there is no claim to original ownership.